3-Level Adjustable Laptop Stand


SKU: 66378

Verbatim’s laptop stand uses durable glass fibre material that is lightweight, stable and portable. The folding design is easy to store and carry. The laptop stand can be assembled using three different folding methods, allowing the screen to be lifted to the height of 88mm/135mm/210mm. It is easy to adjust to a comfortable viewing angle and allows the screen to sit at eye-level helping to eliminate the pressure on the neck and shoulders. The hollowed-out ventilation design at the bottom of the fold enhances air circulation and solves the problem of heat dissipation in the laptop.

30 in stock

  • Supports up to 5kg
  • Product dimensions: 560 x 214 x 2.4(mm).
  • Product weight: 188g
  • Material: PU, Glass fibre.
  • One year limited warranty

SKU: 66378






Maximum Weight Support:

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