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Experience seamless connectivity and crystal-clear displays with Verbatim’s Share My Screen 4K HDMI wireless transmitter/receiver. Eliminate the hassle of cords and cables and enjoy the freedom to effortlessly stream high-definition content from your device to any display.

The Share My Screen 4K ensures unparalleled convenience and flexibility, supporting a range of devices from laptops and smartphones to tablets and projectors. With easy plug-and-play functionality, you’ll be set up instantly, experiencing lag-free, high-quality transmission up to 10m away. Enjoy ultra-low latency and stunning 4K resolution for an immersive viewing experience.

The compact design and robust connectivity make it perfect for home entertainment systems, offices, and educational settings. Elevate your presentations, gaming, and streaming with reliability and superior performance. Say goodbye to tangled wires and welcome a new era of connectivity.

Limited time special- receive a FREE 1m HDMI cable when you purchase a Share My Screen 4K. Bundle includes:

  • Share My Screen 4K (PN 32147)
  • 1m HDMI Cable (PN 66577)

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wireless presenting in 4k

Share My Screen 4K is a game changer, providing crisp, clear 4K resolution at 30Hz for presentations, streaming, and gaming without the clutter of cables.

Present what’s on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen wirelessly in 4K resolution to your monitor, TV, or projector. Share My Screen 4K is your wireless solution for any situation, whether you’re presenting in the boardroom or the classroom, or watching videos, sports, or gaming at home.

simple plug and play

Share My Screen’s Dual Screen Output allows you to mirror your display. Connect the transmitter to your device via USB-C, and the receiver to your monitor, TV, or projector via HDMI. It’s plug and play and effortless to pair, while ensuring universal compatibility with a wide range of USB-C enabled devices.

With a reliable 10-metre wireless range, you can enjoy the flexibility and freedom to move around your space without losing signal quality.

hub functionality

The additional USB-A port allows you to connect your mouse, keyboard, or external memory. The Share My Screen 4K is your sleek solution for on-the-go presentations—ideal for professionals and students who need seamless connectivity anywhere, at any time.

wireless display adaptor

up to 4k video resolution

hdmi video connection

usb-a hub function

compact and portable

system requirements

Interface: USB-C supporting video output

OS: Windows 7/8/9/10/11 (X86/X64); Mac 10.2 or above; Chrome OS; Linux; Android 7 or above

pack contents

Share My Screen Wireless Display Adapter

USB-A to USB-C cable

Quick Start Guide

Limited time offer – FREE 1m HDMI Cable

Easily connect your laptop to a monitor, television, projector or other AV device to enjoy crystal clear visuals. Perfect for presentations, movie nights, and more! View full product specifications HERE.

  • Wireless Clarity: Enjoy crisp, clear 4K resolution at 30Hz for presentations, streaming, and gaming without the clutter of cables.
  • Effortless Pairing: Features a simple pairing process for a quick and secure connection, making it user-friendly for all levels of tech expertise.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to work with a wide range of USB-C enabled devices, ensuring you can connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with ease
  • Extended Range: Offers a reliable wireless connection up to 10 meters, providing flexibility and freedom to move around your space without losing signal quality.
  • Compact and Portable: Sleek and small design makes it easy to take with you on-the-go, perfect for professionals and students who need to present anywhere, anytime.
  • Extra USB-A port to connect other essential devices
  • 2 year limited warranty


u003culu003ern tu003cliu003eWorking Temperature: : 0 °C – 40 °Cu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eStorage Temperature: -20 °C – 70 °Cu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eOperating System:  Laptop USB-C must support video output. Windows7/8/10 (X86/X64) or above, MacOS 10.10 or above.u003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eMobile USB-C must support video output.u003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eAndroid 7 or aboveu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernTransmitter Specsrnu003culu003ern tu003cliu003eInterface: USB-Cu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eVideo resolution: 4K/30Hzu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eUSB-A 2.0: 480Mbps data transmissionu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eBuild in antennau003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eMax. power consumption for monitoring: 3Wu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eMax. power consumption for full loading: 8Wu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e

Receiver Specsrnu003culu003ern tu003cliu003eHDMI: up to 4K/30Hzu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eUSB-C Power supply: 5V/2A 10W to power RXu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eMax. power consumption: 3Wu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eFrequency range:u003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003e2.4-2.4835 GHzu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003e(2.4 GHz ISM Band)u003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003e5.15-5.85 GHzu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003e(5.0 GHz ISM Band)u003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003ePrivate Display protocolu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eMax. wireless distance: 10 metersu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e

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