Store’n’Go Secure Pro USB Drive

SKU: Secure-Pro-USB

We’ve taken data security to the next level with the Store ‘n’ Go Secure Pro USB drive.

The Store ‘n’ Go Secure Pro USB drive has many security features, including a password entry prompt, password hashing algorithm and a hack-resistant password entry that erases the data from the device after 10 failed access attempts. Once configured with your password, all data stored on a Secure Pro USB drive is encrypted with powerful hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption to prevent unauthorised access. The encrypted data is password protected, and additional anti-tampering features help safeguard your data from brute force attacks or password hacking attempts. Even if your device is stolen, the Store ‘n’ Go Secure Pro’s features will keep your data safe and secure.

With USB 3.0 connectivity, for faster transfer speeds, the Store ‘n’ Go Secure Pro is ideal for securing business data, legal documents, personal health information and other forms of sensitive data on the go. Optimised for maximum performance, the Store ‘n’ Go Secure Pro USB drive offers read and write speeds of up to 100MB/Sec and 35MB/Sec.


  • Preloaded with an intuitive autorun security application for password protection.
  • 256-bit AES hardware data encryption secures confidential data
  • All security features compatible with both Windows and Mac OS
  • Hack resistant password entry – erases data after 10 failed entry attempts
  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Retractable connector eliminates the inconvenience of cap loss
  • Available in capacities from 16GB-64GBrn“Due to the discontinuation of Adobe flash the Secure Pro USB needs to be updated using the following program”
  • Download Secure Pro USB

  • Strict authorisation policy – strict password rules.
  • No admin rights required on host PC.
  • Enhanced for Windows Readyboost.
  • Retractable connector eliminated the inconvenience of caps
  • Minimum Write Speed: 100MB/Sec Minimum Read Speed: 35MB/Sec
  • Windows & MAC OS compatible
  • The Secure Pro USB comes with Verbatim’s 24 Month Manufacturers Warranty.

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