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  1. Store'n'Save Grid Design Hard Drive

    Reorder #:Desktop Grid HDD

    • High speed, high capacity storage backup
    • Durable, desktop drive with unique, diamond-patterned finish
    • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed - transfer speeds up to 10X faster than USB 2.0
    • Nero Backup software provides a safe solution to backup files from your PC or laptop
    • Ventilation slots incorporated into design for quiet, fan-free operation
    • 2TB - 8TB models
  2. Vx500 SSD External Solid State Drive

    Reorder #:Vx500 SSD

    • Twice as fast as USB 3.0; 10X faster than USB 2.0
    • Type-C connector port- new standard in connectivity
    • Ultra compact- smaller than a pack of gum!
    • Aluminium housing- sleek and sturdy 
    • Available in 120--480GB capacities
  3. Store'n'Go Portable Hard Drive

    Reorder #:Portable Hard Drive.

    • USB 3.0 Super Speed interface
    • USB plug 'n' play
    • Stylish, slim design
    • Nero 'BackItUp Essential' software
    • Capacities available: 500GB - 2TB
  4. Vi550 S3 SSD Internal Solid State Drive

    Reorder #:Vi550 Internal SSD

    • Internal 2.5'' SATA III 7mm Solid State Drive
    • High reliability with superior flash controller
    • Client SSD for desktop and notebook upgrades
    • Read speeds of up to 560 MB/s
    • Boost your PC's performance and launch applications faster
    • Low power consumption for extended battery life
  5. Store 'n' Go Secure Portable HDD with Keypad Access

    Reorder #:Secure Portable Hard Drive

    • Versatile, portable and built to go anywhere
    • Seamlessly encrypts 100% of your data on-the-fly and keeps your data safe
    • Military Grade AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption
    • Built in keypad for PIN input 
    • USB-C™ superfast connection
    • Erases data after multiple failed entry attempts
    • 1TB & 2TB data storage capacity
  6. Store'n'Go Grid Design Hard Drive 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

    Reorder #:53232

    • High speed, high capacity storage. A fast & safe solution to expand storage or backup files
    • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed - for ultra-fast data transfer
    • Stylish, slim design
    • Nero Backup software
    • Capacity 1TB
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  7. Fingerprint Secure Hard Drive

    Reorder #:Fingerprint Secure HDD

    The Fingerprint Secure Hard Drive delivers premium 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) hardware security encryption and integrated fingerprint recognition system which enables the storing and carrying of confidential data while being protected from loss or hacking.

  8. Vx1000 External Solid State Drive

    Reorder #:Vx1000

    •Compact and lightweight
    •Support system with USB3.1 Gen 2 Port.
    •Backwards compatibles with USB3.0/USB2.0
    •Support UASP mode
    •Plug and play
    •High speed data transfer performance
    •480GB      R:/ 1000 MB/sec  W:/ 950 MB/sec
    •960GB      R:/ 1000 MB/sec  W:/ 950 MB/sec
    •Type C USB3.1 Gen 2 interface


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