our story

At Verbatim™, we believe that trusted technology can provide peace of mind for customers in their everyday lives. In Latin, Verbatim means “word for word,” and since
our company’s founding in 1969, we have used this principle to symbolize accurate and error-free data recording. This is what trusted technology and quality mean to us in the field of data storage. Right from the beginning, Verbatim has been committed to keeping people’s digital content safe, secure, and portable.

50 years of trusted technology

For more than 50 years, we have gone beyond data storage and aimed to build a future that seamlessly integrates trusted technology in ways that improve how people everywhere live, work and play. Verbatim™ first made its name as a pioneer in the development of floppy disks and optical media technology that changed the way people store and exchange data. We have drawn upon that technological legacy to
develop an extensive selection of data storage devices, computer peripherals, gaming solutions and LED lighting technology. All of these product lines are renowned throughout their industries for exceptional quality, performance and reliability. Today, we continuously reach toward the potential of tomorrow. By partnering with other technology leaders, we are developing and introducing products you can rely on to make your everyday life more efficient, convenient and enjoyable. Verbatim™ – TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN TRUST™.

our mission

Providing peace of mind with trusted technology.

our vision

Driving sustainable growth by leveraging our global resources, delivering quality products and satisfying customer needs everywhere.

our values


Trust is core to our existence. We deliver a quality experience every time.

ethics & integrity

Acting ethically and with integrity has always been, and always will be, fundamental to how we operate.


Striving to meet social, ethical, and environmental sustainability in our operations.

respect for the individual

We show respect and promote equality, diversity & inclusion for all.

positive workplace culture

We encourage collaboration, innovation, initiative, and sense of belonging.

client value creation

We seek to build long-term trusted relationships with our customers by delivering value.

lifetime learning

We continuously explore, learn, and grow. As a company of lifelong learners, we are passionately finding ways to improve and bring the best to our customers and partners.

verbatim… technology you can trust

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