SSD Solutions for Every User

Verbatim’s range of Internal and External SSD’s feature fast transfer rates and reduced power consumption. With ultra-high speed specialist SSDs for gaming, to work-horse SSDs for laptop and PC upgrades, and external SSDs for safe and convenient backups, there’s an SSD storage solution for everyone. 

Benefits of SSD

  • Faster loading, less time waiting: With no moving parts to spin up to speed, start-up is almost instant, dramatically improving boot-up times.
  • Faster transfer rates: File transfers are lightning quick and can be up to 1/3 faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s).
  • Find your files faster: File searches are up to 8x faster than traditional HDD’s.
  • Applications load faster: Spend less time waiting for your Adobe Photoshop and Powerpoint applications to open.
  • Reduced power consumption: With no moving parts the SSD uses far less energy which in turn could make your laptop battery last up to 30 minutes longer!
  • Halve your downtime: Normally, your computer or laptops routine maintenance will slow your system down. With an SSD, the time that virus scans and other background maintenance take is cut by half!
  • Multi-tasking: SSD’s make multitasking faster. Edit your photos and answer your emails up to 3x faster than HDDs.
  • Super fast video editing: With an SSD you can edit video clips over 30% faster than ever before!
  • Superior durability: The SSD’s lack of moving parts make it far more robust and reliable, with increased tolerance to heat, shock and vibration.
  • Silent operation: SSD’s are silent, just like a USB Flash Drive. No more distracting hums and whirrs as the drive spins up and down.
  Verbatim offers a range of external SSDs that deliver durability and reliability along with lightning-fast transfer speeds whilst on-the-go, and a range of internal SSDs to supercharge your laptop, desktop or gaming system with faster boot times, application load times and seamless multitasking.
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