CD-R AZO Thermal Printable

SKU: CD-R-AZO-Thermal

For sharp, clear graphics using colour thermal printers the preferred choice is Verbatim’s DataLifePlus CD-R White Thermal Printable 50-pack. Certified for use with colour thermal printers including Rimage Everest technology, these 52x speed certified CD-R discs have a thermal, scratch resistant surface. This surface optimises thermal printing for superb high-resolution reproduction of graphics text and logos. Ideal for CD duplicating, Verbatim DataLifePlus CD-R colour thermal printable discs are available in 50-disc spindles. Discs feature Verbatim’s innovative “Super Azo” dye providing long-term data security and superior resistance to UV irradiation. As with all Verbatim optical products, these CD-R thermal printable discs are backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty.


  • Full-colour, high resolution, photo-quality printing
  • Optimised colour thermal printable layer
  • Certified compatible with colour thermal printers including Rimage Everest Thermal printer technology
  • Super Azo recording dye optimises read/write performance
  • Available in White and Crystal Surface options
  • 700MB/80min capacity
  • Lifetime Warranty

  • 94938
  • 94949
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